linux black desktop

It’s a bug which affects only one user and not the whole graphical desktop, but only the “desktop” in a narrow sense.

A workaround can be to rename the .config folder (to something like .config.old) so that you can get anew your whole graphical desktop and then maybe you could copy (prudently) one by one your config files (from .config.old to the new .config folder).

matrix clients

desktop clients

Unfortunately all the matrix desktop clients we have tested are quite poor from a graphical point of view: very different from whatsapp or telegram ones, and in particular their interface lacks of intuitivity.

Furthermore, the only capable to make a (video or audio) call is Element, while the others work only as messaging app.

mobile clients

There is Element, but I found Schildichat, with a more friendly interface, very similar to WA or Telegram.

svg rounded corner and shadow

shadow (like css shadow-box)

At least with Firefox you can use a filter, like the following:

.shadow{filter: drop-shadow(8px 6px 6px gray);}

rounded corner

The simplest way to round the corners of a box is to

  • use rect element with rx and ry attributes (such as rx="20" ry="20")
  • and define the style of rect with stroke-linejoin:round; and something like stroke:[your color]; stroke-width:[the width you like];

You can see the following example

box rounded

rename identical files (with different names) in different devices

You can use a zsh script (let we call “rename-identical-files.bash”) with a code like the following

#! /bin/zsh -
zmodload zsh/stat || exit
typeset -A size_to_name

CDPATH= cd -P -- "$model_folder" || exit
for f in *(ND.); do
  stat -LA size +size -- $f &&
    size_to_name[$size]=$f &&
    print -r "# File of size $size should be named ${(q)f}"

cd $OLDPWD || exit
for f in *(ND.); do
  stat -LA size +size -- $f &&
    (($+size_to_name[$size])) &&
    [[ $f != $size_to_name[$size] ]] &&
    print -r mv -i -- ${(qq)f} ${(qq)size_to_name[$size]}
#usage:  that-script /model-folder-path

then you can go to the folder where you want rename the files and do this terminal command:

~/rename-identical-files.bash /path/to/model/folder

in this way, before executing the command, you can see what could happen afterwards. If it’s all ok, do the command:

~/rename-identical-files.bash /path/to/model/folder | sh