It is an interesting android open source camera app, which allows you to control the smartphone camera in a very detailed way.

Unfortunately it hasn’t an easy graphical interface: therefore you should know that a) you can get settings sliding the screen (from left and from bottom); b) you must set an external storage, otherwise you won’t be able to take any photo.

regex replace keeping a part of a string

Today I managed to replace (in html file links and anchors) absolute paths with relative ones.

I needed to keep the anchors and links number.

I did so:

search: href="#_ftn([0-9])">
replace: href="#_ftnref\1" id="_ftn\1">

In this way href=”#_ftn1 was replaced by  href="#_ftnref1" id="_ftn1", href=”#_ftn2 was replaced by  href="#_ftnref2" id="_ftn2", and so on.

For numbers with two digits

replacehref="#_ftnref\1" id="_ftn\1">

Only the search string is to be modified, if you have more digits (f.e. [0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9] if you have numbers with four digits, such as 1276), not the replace one (so don’t write \1\1