link, rather than embed images in odb file

Today I followed this way: link rather than embed the images, so that the odb file can remain of small size.
1. in edit view add a text box in your form and
2. convert it (replace with) to a image control
3. in normal view double click on the new box and select the image, which will not embedded, but linked.

with mysql

If you use a mysql database you can set the field as varchar (at least 150 char) and insert the location, such as http://localhost/your-path/yourfile.jpg.
Then you can add this field as data in the text box (as above).

avoid blur in sddm screen and lock screen

1) login screen

SDDM Breeze 5.13.0 main.qml has:

Code: Select all
        WallpaperFader {
            visible: config.type == “image”
            anchors.fill: parent
            state: loginScreenRoot.uiVisible ? “on” : “off”
            source: wallpaper
            mainStack: mainStack
            footer: footer
            clock: clock


Code: Select all
visible: config.type == “image”


Code: Select all
visible: false


Testing – no blur at here.

2) lock screen

 You have to change LockScreenUi.qml in /usr/share/plasma/look-and-feel/org.kde.breeze.desktop/contents/lockscreen as well, adding the same row:

visible: false

in  WallPaperFader