true phone: the best android phone app

True Phone in my opinion is the best phone app: indeed without unnecessary special effects, it offers a remarkable range of features, including choosing the address books.

As an example, you can set davx (/nextcloud) as the main address book, instead of the google one.
Or you can view groups of contacts – which almost no other app does.

Obviously, you can set customized ringtone and sounds. Or easily modify contacts.

But there a lots of interesting features. It is undoubtedly worth trying.


To sync a PC with a smartphone (or any other android device, like an android e-reader or tablet) you can use abd, and abd-sync. This latter has the advantage that it can, unlike adb push --sync, delete files no more existing in source or create new folders.

Indeed adb push –sync can only update files and folder already existing.

a problem: the external card

You can sync not only the internal memory of your android device, but an external card as well. The problem might be find the extact name and path of your external card: so you can use adb shell, and then df and ls to see the folders our the whole device (including the external card) with its exact name, that you will be able to use afterward in adb / adb-sync.

But if you adb-sync keeping the external card into your device, because it is more convenient, you will find some problems, such as the symlinks (not considered).

So, you might try with krusader and a sync via mtp, but this is very slow.

adb connect via wi-fi

  • Connect Android phone and host machine to same WiFi network
  • Connect Android phone to host machine using USB cable (to start with)
  • Run adb tcpip 5555 from a command prompt
  • Run adb shell “ip addr show wlan0 | grep -e wlan0$ | cut -d” ” -f 6 | cut -d/ -f 1″ to obtain the phone’s IP address
  • Disconnect USB cable and run adb connect < ip_address > :5555

android iphone-like

Se uno vuole rendere il proprio smartphone android il più possibile simile a un iphone può provare a) a ragguppare le apps in modo personalizzato e b) ad avere notifiche a schermo non attivo.

launcher iphone-like

La prima cosa si può fare con X Launcher: che permette di creare dei folder a vostra scelta, dentro cui potere mettere le apps che volete, così da avere uno smartphone perfettamente ordinato.

notifiche iphone-like

La seconda cosa è più ardua: ho tentato con Dynamic notifications, con Floatify e con Lockscreen notifications, ma non ho trovato quello che cercavo; queste apps creano una nuova schermata di blocco che si accende quando arriva una notifica, non mostrano le notifiche a schemo (parzialmente) spento.
A questo punto tanto vale usare Glimpse notifications che ha meno pretese, è più leggero e aggiornato, e usa la normale schermata di blocco dello smartphone, accendendola quando arrivano delle notifiche.
In conclusione: pare che su android non sia possibile avere la funzionalità dell’iphone, di avere notifiche a schermo (parzialmente) spento, ma all’arrivo delle notifiche lo schermo si accende (totalmente).

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